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    First, there should be better autodocs and examples. I hate to read "please complain in the mailinglist"!

    Last time it took me a nearly a whole day to find out about how to make dynamic, drag&drop sortable tabs for a new project i'm working on. I have ~25 years of amiga-programming experience and couldn't figure it out quickly. Many new os-functions or mui-classes are not documented/exampled at all. Also the autodocs are not complete, older (os <= 3.1) functions are missing. Most examples just cover some basic stuff, not the advanced things.

    How can one assume to get new coders and quality software if there's nothing documented and explained? There are not many people like me, which try hours and hours to make a function working. They simply move on...

    Also there should be a public bugtracker and feature-request/discussion site for MorphOS itself.
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