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    Jim wrote:
    The unwillingness of our European allies to forcefully address the latest incidents in the the Ukraine does nothing to increase my sense of respect for Europeans in general.
    Sorry if this sounds offensive, but your interdependence with Russia has really made you all compromised weak apologists for a dictatorial aggressor.

    Cui prodest,as Seneca said.

    If you think about it you will realize, that nor Russia, nor The Separatist in east Ukraine has no reason to shot down that airplane. Ukraine as a puppet(backed by USA) has a reason. Until that day you can call the separatist terrorist, but the rest of the world is know that there were no terrorist in the separatist "army". Maybe a bunch of men who're fighting against the official state. But there were no bombs at the railway stations, no kidnappings innocent people etc.Now they can be called terrorist, because they shot down an aeroplan with a lots of innocent civilian. (Truth is or not, who has the biggest media) The casus belli is done. If you remeber Lousitania for example...

    This is a sad story, USA wants war, we not.

    Before i forget, my country, even people in my family fought 4 times against the russians in the last 150 years. Bloody wars. So we need to be more offensive?

    When the communist regimes "overthrow" in 89'-90 in east and Central Europe (backed by CIA) everyone hates the russians. Simply because the second world war and the military occupancy. After 25 years, here, no one hates the russians. (It does not mean that anyone or everyone loves them)

    So it is nice to say we can fight, argue etc against russia, but the truth is Under Russian Occupancy we have Factories, Army, and a slower life. etc, now under the occupancy of USA our factories must have to destroyed,they bring corrupt goverments who sold most the land for nothing, and get superlative economical credits, which're spent on our goodwill and to enhance our indusrty...

    wait, no, we must spend it on multinational companies.

    So this time my suggestion is that this 3-4 man who're induce the conflict leave out the rest of the world, get a gun and play it with each other in a motel room. The winner takes all, and there will be no need to die 100M man again.

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