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    I find it funny that bbrv suddendly acts as if he is a Amiga friend by posting hundreads of answers on amigaworld.net, then suddendly just vanish from the scene.

    Amiga people and MorphOS have all had a dream that someone came and took them serious and started to work with the community instead of against it.

    If bbrv wants to show the hero which he claims to be, then there should be actions. bbrv talks about that community is important, but he doesnt really listen to its users. I am creating Amitopia TV. I might not have millions of viewers, but there are users of those 400 that watches my show that sends me e-mails and asks about Amiga and MorphOS situation.

    I wish that I could reply to them that bbrv have got PegasosIII out or the promised G4 cards or anything. But I just feel emptyness. So if VisCorp became a reality or if Genesi got the Amiga rights we would see the same actions with no action?

    End-users usually look at Genesi as the MorphOS maintainer. MorphOS-Team is rather new. Why cant you bbrv makes relations in a better form? Now MorphOS 2.2 is out with tcp/ip stack, it got OWB and much much more. Why dont you help out and inform the world that MorphOS is here? Or is it that your to affraid to admit that you dont believe in Amiga or MorphOS anymore?

    Macmini version of MorphOS might be on its way soon, but the home for MorphOS is a PegasosIII alike motherboard. Its seeing Genesi or bPlan providing support for its users which would gladly help to promote you.

    Doesnt Genesi have any competition eyes to Acube etc? Cant you make a motherboard that beats sam440p or have bbrv started to listen to Nekos anti MorphOS propaganda? Ok. I know MorphOS isnt a massproduct, but just look at 95% of all Nekos posts. Theyre not really positive against MorphOS.

    An interesting poll would be.

    Which of these 2 people have helped Amigas reputation?
    1. Bill McEwen
    2. Bill Buck

    Anyway. Bill Buck should stand up and tell the truth here. And why havent you provided schematics of the CPU cards? There are so many questions here just not beeing answered... I hope that someday I can reply to my viewers with a smile when they ask about Genesi and its efforts.

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