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    Jim wrote:
    Interesting video! G3 thru G5 processors and dual processors? I didn't know the Pegasos design supported the last two options.

    It doesn't. I don't know whether or not it's technically possible to put 2 CPU's to the Marvell Discovery 2 at all, but I think there are some bottlenecks in that controller that becomes more apparent at higher CPU speeds, and dual CPU's would probably *not* make sense even if it would be possible to do so. That's why Genesi turned to Tundra for its dual CPU design, using the Tundra Tsi109TM northbridge. The original idea was to use dual 7448's, but that changed when the 7448 didn't live up to the promised specs in practice, so the whole 7448 dream was scrapped in favor of 7447/7447A (as was it for the Pegasos).

    Their G5 efforts came in the shape of "Tetra Power", and hadn't the project been shelved it would have turned out quite similar to the Power Station.
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