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    @ Andreas_Wolf

    Gosh, am I delusional? I distinctly remember a formal announcement asking users to write in to Genesi if they were interested in a 7448 or 7447A card - can't recall which - that would definitely have been produced if a certain threshold was met (the threshold was not met). I can't seem to find any info on it now, either. Maybe my brain is playing tricks on me.

    Neko, can you vindicate my brain? Timeframe would have been late-2006/early-2007.

    A completely different route that might benefit we end users is if Genesi were to buy back the 1.4GHz and faster modules they produced for corporate customers when those corporations decide to retire them (assuming the retirement is due to "We need something newer" rather than "It's fried". Resold to people like us, there's (hopefully) a chance for profit, lower cost to end-users, and minimal financial risk. I wouldn't mind having a second-hand CPU, provided it's been thoroughly tested.
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