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    > G3 thru G5 processors and dual processors? I didn't know the
    > Pegasos design supported the last two options.

    Regarding "G5 processors":
    At first you have to take into account that this video was shot 5 months *before* IBM even announced the PPC970, so "G5" probably refers to Motorola's much fabled "G5" (MPC7500) instead. As no definite details whatsoever were ever known about this anticipated Motorola chip, claims of G5 support in Pegasos (and thus by Articia S) must be considered pure bollocks. And of course the Articia S does also not support the PPC970, nor does the Discovery II of the Pegasos II.

    Regarding "dual processors":
    Although I'm very much in doubt considering the technical problems bplan/Thendic France/Genesi faced in employing even just a single G4, the Articia S (as used in the Pegasos I which this video refers to) may be capable of supporting dual G3 or G4. At least Hyperion have a dual MPC7410 card from MAI Logic for Articia S based Teron/AmigaOne; the card was never put to test though. The Discovery II of the Pegasos II however explicitly supports SMP in both 60x and MPX modes, so no problem there with dual G3 or G4.
    The Pegasos I (and later also II) was advertised as being dual CPU capable right from the start in year 2000.
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