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    magnetic wrote:
    well firstly even with a poll that doesnt mean these people will PAY for an upgrade. I think the best bet here is not to petition "Genesi" but "Bplan" themselves. If they see value they may do a small run not as Genesi but as "Bplan" who knows? Maybe if all you guys show up in Germany with cashier's checks they will do it :P

    I have not followed this entire thread, or even other similar threads about open sourcing the Peg2 design, so I do not know if it is physically possible to make a new production run of Peg2's, or slightly improved Peg2's, but it seems obvious to me that:

    1. with the newly released AmigaOS4.x for the Peg2 and;

    2. the existing MorphOS user base, some that already have Peg2's, but would like an upgraded CPU card, and

    3. other existing MorphOS users with Peg1's and Efika's that might be interested in getting a Peg2, specially if it were upgraded to a faster CPU w/other minor enhancements to the original design if possible, which would hopefully make it faster and more expandable than getting a G4 MacMini,

    could possibly create enough potential buyers to make it feasible for bPlan to consider making a small production run of Peg2's and/or upgraded Peg2 CPU cards.

    MorphOS for the MacMini is a good thing for the community IMHO, but it is not really a great replacement for the Peg2 or a great flagship for running MorphOS. Since there does not seem to be any full desktop replacement to run MorphOS on, none that have been announced yet anyway, having a new run of the best computers to run MorphOS on that just happen to also be able to run AmigaOS4.x would be a good thing to possibly increase MorphOS users and license sales, which will help encourage more future MorphOS development. The only other alternative that exists today that I know of is for some dealer, or group buy to fund the minimum 300 orders for a production run of expanded EFIKA's with 512mb of RAM, which I guess would include paying for the modification to the OF to allow MorphOS to recognize the extra RAM, and that is not an ideal proposal either. It would be nice to have new hardware to run MorphOS on available that is better than the currently available 128mb RAM EFIKA's, but I guess things could be much worse.


    As far as Neko he apparently has been some kind of asset for Genesi but having him as a company spokesperson on boards and giving him the title of "manager developer relations" (especially when he got this illustrious title NONE of the Morphos Devs were talking to him,and as a matter of fact he was BANNED from morphos IRC channels!) is quite ironic.


    I don't really want to get into this discussion (again), but I cannot disagree with the above statement.
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