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    Hi, all. A bunch of you might know me from Amiga.org, but I felt compelled to register here to chime in on this thread.

    I had pretty much just received my Pegasos at the time interest in new cards was first being examined - must have been two and a half years ago. At the time, I wasn't interested.

    Now, however, I might be. While 1GHz was a respectable and capable speed not long ago, it's starting to show its age, especially on the Linux side. Others might think so too. And if MorphOS users end up swapping their Pegs for Mac Minis, the OS4 users who are likely to acquire the Pegs might be interested in an upgrade - a market segment that wasn't available last time around.

    Bottom line, another formal "Hey, checking interest in Pegasos CPU cards with specs x and price y. Want one?" kind of announcement might be worth doing.
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