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    Why are you doing this Neko? You remind me of Bill McEwen type just type something and dont't really check your facts.

    There is no need for mudslinging.


    Isn't Genesi supposed to help out Amiga and MorphOS.

    Genesi is a *for-profit* organization, not a charity founded to support "Amiga" or MorphOS at any cost.

    There are people whose livelihood depends on Genesi's ability to keep its revenue and expenses in balance. Developing and manufacturing hardware without any prospect for making a profit does not help with this.


    I hope that Genesi or bPlan creates a better CPU card for PegasosII as showing your support! But do you really support at all?

    You are free to hope anything you like. But please do not get angy when somebody tells you that what you hope for is unlikely to happen for whatever reason.

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