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    tolkien schrieb:

    Is there a PPC computer that can cost below 500 euros?

    Depends all on volume and computing power.
    The following rule of thumb can be assumrd to be valid:
    Higher volume and lesser computing power yield to lower price.
    Low volume and high performance - > high price.

    additionally clever design choices can lower cost, too.

    That means: X1000 - low volume, rather high power and an, at least from the economic POV - suboptimal design choices (freaking expensive SoC, useless additions (the X stuff), huge board..) -> insane price

    Sam 460: less complex, not very powerful, low volume: Still expensive, but not as mad as X1000

    Efika: low end, cheap parts, simplified design, tiny board, mid size production run - pretty attractive price.

    Pegasos: mid range power (at its time), comparatively high volume -> competetive price.

    I think unless someone is not willing to invest serious money (production runs of at least 1000s) situation will not change much. The Amiga market alone is not sustainable for such an developemnt. It would require a design and a marketing strategy to sell these boards primarily outside Amiga world. My suggetsion is a low/mid cost tinkering board simlar to those ARM designs, but with some differences (emphasis on I/O and network - I mean that's what QorIQ are really capable of - maybe even drop some FPGA in to play with, but keep it as simpe as possible)

    btw.: what's wrong with the powerbook, quite some issues are fixable.

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