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    > A new board should be able to use the components that MorphOS has already drivers
    > for... This is a case, yes.

    I was more referring to the on-board components, not components the board could use via expansion slots (and which I don't consider being part of the actual board).

    > some more modern hardware should be added to this driver list.

    A new board for MorphOS (and other niche operating systems) would most likely use some highly integrated SoC, so these new MorphOS drivers would have to include drivers for the SoC's on-chip.

    Yes on board components should be of course supported. But a list of modern hardware to be used on expantion slots is akways important.

    > it could done and could be done cheap. I know that lots of work and money are needed
    > for MorphOS to jump on this train

    I don't understand. Aren't "cheap" and "lots of money" mutually exclusive?

    Lots of money are needed for a massive production of a board plus financial support for software development. That was my point.

    The final price of the board should be cheap on the other hand. I repeat that such a board should be capable to do everyday tasks on today's standards. I am able to do such stuff on a cheap pi board or on a cheap arm mini pc... Even on a geeky board running a geeky os everyday tasks should be able to be completed smoothly.

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