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    MorphOS should support most (or preferably all) features of such board, yes. But I don't think it'd make sense to have such a board specialized for MorphOS, whatever that should mean in a technical sense (maybe using only components that MorphOS has already drivers for?). A newly developed board produced in very small batches should attract as many niche operating systems as possible in order to increase potential sales and thus minimize the price as much as possible. You might remember this failed attempt from some years back:


    The initiator went to message boards of several niche operating systems (MorphOS, OS4, Haiku, Linux/PPC...) and tried to raise interest there but failed to gain traction. To me this is a clear indicator that a board "specialized for MorphOS" wouldn't be a feasible project.

    A new board should be able to use the components that MorphOS has already drivers for... This is a case, yes. But some more modern hardware should be added to this driver list. Hardware that would make this new board useful closer to todays standards, should this board remain on PPC architecture? If this would make the board combined with MorphOS, useful for everyday tasks, ok. Stay PPC. This is a first option.

    Second option? As an alternative, an approaching to existing hardware architecture that MorphOS is not currently supporting, could be a case, if that approaching could drive to the result of a more effective ussage of this hardware by the os. It is a fact that we do not need hundrends of gigabytes and lots of horsepower to be able to have a fast everyday computer, useful to do basic things based on todays stabdards. I paid less than 30 euros for raspberry pi and I am able to view hd videos, listen to music and surf the web fast. I paid less than 80 euros for an android mini PC that also can do the above and it can play flash also. So? Come on, it could done and could be done cheap. I know that lots of work and money are needed for MorphOS to jump on this train, that is why -in both options-, a serious company is needed, to support a new product and join forces with the team.

    I would pay and donate again and again for a new board. A board would be the first one on my desktop, letting me do everything I need ussing MorphOS and nothing else. No one said no to more operating systems that would expand a user base, but MorphOS should be a priority, like it was on Pegasos.

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