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    >>> some machines were sold as low power servers, including for the small enterprise,
    >>> what if the enterprise decides to add an add on card with a PCI bridge on it ?
    >>> So who knows, maybe there are machines out there with an updated firmware..

    >> There were probably some at Genesi, and maybe at some of their parnters/customers,
    >> but i doubt so. And in any case, you won't have access to it. The Pegasos had its time,
    >> you can do nothing but to speculate now.

    > If the cpu cards can be re-created, then the entire design will be known and it could be
    > re-implemented.

    How would this help with coming by an updated SmartFirmware that remedies the current limitations like the unability to see behind a PCI bridge?

    > a G4 outperforms it

    The Pegasos II *has* a G4 (unless it's a G3 one) :-)
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