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    > The idea here was just that replacing the CPU with a 7448 could actually be
    > feasible. The bigger cache probably compensates for the slower bus BTW...

    The bus wouldn't be slower with the 7448 than it is with the 7447 now. My consideration was just to note that the speed gain would be less than the clock rate increase alone would imply as the *relative* bus speed compared to the CPU clock rate would decrease.

    >> with a 1.7 GHz 7448 I guess it wouldn't be a problem to find out the remaining
    >> PLL configs for multipliers of 11.5 (1.53 GHz), 12 (1.60 GHz), 12.5 (1.67 GHz)
    >> and even 13 (1.73 GHz).

    > Would the board even allow 13x ?

    I honestly don't know. 11x seems to be the maximum that was actually tested and reported by users. 5 binary digits can represent 32 different numbers, and with 0.5 steps and some naive thinking this could amount to a 2.07 GHz range from 0x through 15.5x, or from 5x through 20.5x, or whatever. This is pure speculation, though.

    > I know from reading the thread that a new firmware was in the makes, would
    > it be that hard to get ?

    From what transpired over the years I'd say a definite yes :-)
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