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    The downside is that this would probbly raise the price of the Pegasos boards, or upside depending on how you view it...

    New CPU cards ?! Now come on guys, I was trying to be realistic :) I love the Peg2 too (have a miserable G3 though..) but the board is too outdated to justify new accelerators, unless a new motherboard with few upgrades (i.e. similar chipsets allowing for similar design) was made, which is obviously not likely (who's gonna pay for development costs ?).
    The idea here was just that replacing the CPU with a 7448 could actually be feasible. The bigger cache probably compensates for the slower bus BTW...

    "And with a 1.7 GHz 7448 I guess it wouldn't be a problem to find out the remaining PLL configs for multipliers of 11.5 (1.53 GHz), 12 (1.60 GHz), 12.5 (1.67 GHz) and even 13 (1.73 GHz)."

    Would the board even allow 13x ? If yes great, it could be a start.

    There is still the problem with the outdated AGP bus though.. And the firmware doesn't initialize hidden devices behind a bridge..
    H264 hardware acceleration would make such a difference in video.

    I know from reading the thread that a new firmware was in the makes, would it be that hard to get ?

    BTW I don't even have OS4 or even MOS installed on mine ATM, but this would benefit both.. (MOS users could sell their machines easier too...)

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