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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    ...or the T1022 I guess ;-)

    Well...yeah, got that one wrong.


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    Less layers make for a cheaper design, but a separate CPU card is more expensive than the CPU soldered on the mainboard. I'm not sure if the result would be positive or negative on balance.

    Yes, but the separate cpu card is needed to minimize the number of layers and offers an advantage when configuring the system.


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > If necessary we can add an SATA controller for the T2081.

    ...adding to the BOM and complexity again.

    Yes, but a PCI-E based SATA controller could be fairly cheap.

    Overall, with the lowered cpu prices it could add up to a decent savings.

    But in any case, I may buy an A-eon system anyway.
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