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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Way to go Andreas. I have ever seen that info before. So, if we could
    > re-create the board, we could produce at least a 1.42 GHz cpu card.

    With the 1.42 GHz 7447A it'd be 1.40 GHz (multiplier of 10.5), like with the existing but very rare 7447A cards, or 1.47 GHz (multiplier of 11). And with a 1.7 GHz 7448 I guess it wouldn't be a problem to find out the remaining PLL configs for multipliers of 11.5 (1.53 GHz), 12 (1.60 GHz), 12.5 (1.67 GHz) and even 13 (1.73 GHz).

    That could be a real advantage to PegII owners.
    Imagine the performance jump if a 1.7 7448 was used.
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