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    Jim schrieb:

    Jose wrote:
    What about soldering in a 7448 in current CPU cards ? It's a pin for pin compatible chip.

    Beyond Andreas' answer, with your idea we are only going to be able to upgrade existing cards, not create new ones.
    Also, what sets the voltage and multiplier on the these cards?
    I don't know of any documentation for that.

    Want a more useful project?
    We need a donated cpu card and an adequate bounty, then I can pay a Chinese firm to back trace all the connections on the board.
    With that and a good guess at the function of the buried layers we could start to re-create the card.

    With that and the available schematics of the main board, the Pegasos II can be re-created and even upgraded.

    I would really love to just lower the AGP voltage.

    Well, a recreated Pegasos II will still suffer from being non-RoHS and parts not avaialable any longer. It's a dead end.
    If you want to do your own machine, better go for a simple new board.

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