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    Was money transfer done through bank? If so, the bank should be able to tell you if the money went through to Directon account. Otherwise, if the ( money ) transfer does not go through then it comes back to the ( sending ) bank and some banks do not tell you unless you call them. I believe the bank knows within one week of sending if transfer was successful.

    You should contact the institution/service/bank that sent the money transfer to verify that it was received ( went through ). Then confirm this with Directron to be sure.

    You have to find out what the bank & Directron are saying about the money. You can try Directron Customer Service first to see if they received the funds or maybe talk to the bank first. You may have to speak to both to clear this up.

    Once you know for sure that Directron received payment can you start asking about your order. Otherwise you'll have to track down where the money went to ( ended up at ).

    PS I've done wire transfers from Europe to Canada & had trouble with some not going through because tellers sometimes don't put the info in correctly ( incorrect format or mix up the bank/institution #/account #, etc. ). IBAN is not used in Canada & USA so it's easier for them to screw it up.

    Edit: If you contact Customer Service then they should respond to you but Sales will not. Phoning is normally best for quick response. Try calling on different days to get different CSRs and ask them until you get an answer. ie: if one doesn't give right answer or helps then call & talk to another CSR, etc. Someone should give you answer, even to say that they haven't recevied your payment.

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