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    is there any dev still going to bring proper MM to MOS?? do you think we will see it fully in 1.5?? ;-)
    No, it's not possible to have full memory-protection in an aos environment due to design, anyone telling you otherwise is either ignorant or lying.


    I hope you ordered the MOS version of the ODW, so the mos team gets a donation.
    Whatever "someone" might have told you this is not the case, Genesi has ceased any and all funds to us a long time ago...


    so for example if A-boxs crash *fully* inside Q-Box can I restart another A-box very quickly, because Q-Box is still stable? or do I have to retart (power off) do you know??
    Currently you cannot do that, but it would be possible to implement such a thing, yes .. however you don't have to power off, just reset with keyboard or reset-button, reboot only takes a few seconds anyway...

    And these are exactly the reasons why I am not running MorphOS right now although I would like to.

    No memory protection - Ok, how about later?

    Impossible - Sorry this is the wrong answer, nothing in this world is impossible. I am not an OS programmer but I now it can be done even if you have to rewrite the hole thing, even if you have to break every API and make it AmigaOS 3.x incompatible.

    reboot only takes a few seconds - reboot is not an option, this is fall 2006.

    And the other most serious "thing" is that there is no official entity behind MorphOS AND / OR any sort of a roadmap. From what we know there might never be another version. It could be or it couldn't, one can only hope or guess about it. This is very unprofessional I think and that alone will prohibit me from spending any $$ on a MorphOS compatible system (like the Pegasos or whatever).

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