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    so for example if A-boxs crash *fully* inside Q-Box can I restart another A-box very quickly, because Q-Box is still stable? or do I have to retart (power off) do you know??

    Currently you cannot do that, but it would be possible to implement such a thing, yes .. however you don't have to power off, just reset with keyboard or reset-button, reboot only takes a few seconds anyway...


    all i know i pressed the magic MOS link https://www.pegasosppc.com/special_odw.php?partner=morphos . So iam sure they will put $50 in the fund. end of that subject ;-)

    I'm sorry to tell you, but you have to learn to read the "fine" print:


    Genesi is a MorphOS sponsor. For each machine sold, $50 is donated to the General Fund of the MorphZone MorphOS Bounty Program.

    IE, this money goes to MorphZone (which is good, don't get me wrong), not MorphOS...

    - CISC
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