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    Welcome to the community! Congrats on your peg. You will love it like your amiga , maybe more.

    Thank you! the more Iam absobing about MorphOS the more Iam geting a positive feeling! so i think im going to be very happy with it!! too :-D


    No, it's not possible to have full memory-protection in an aos environment due to design, anyone telling you otherwise is either ignorant or lying.

    i can live without it i think :-) so i have lerned to keep my amiga stable it will be no problem to do the same with A-Box in MorphOS ;-) so for example if A-boxs crash *fully* inside Q-Box can I restart another A-box very quickly, because Q-Box is still stable? or do I have to retart (power off) do you know??


    Whatever "someone" might have told you this is not the case, Genesi has ceased any and all funds to us a long time ago...

    oh dear, i donot want to startoff not liking the COMPANY behind a system again :-( That's sad to hear. It's always the money people who seem to ruine everything for us Amiga lovers! (like with Amiga Inc.) I donot no why they are not funding MorphOS as they promise on the Genesi online-shop but I only bought it directly from Gensi because of the promise they will donate $50 to MorphOS. They have to realise I only interested in Pegasos *BECAUSE* it has MorphOS not the other way around.

    I honestly hope my $50 does somehow make it to MorhOS devs :-( Does anyone know the reason they have stopped funding?

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