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    Krashan already said above that there is no Memory Management "yet" and like he says it will be the same thing as with my Amiga when *ONE* single bad app can takeout the whole MOS!

    Well, it's not quite correct, there is some memory-protection in MorphOS, the qbox is fully protected and abox protects various parts (zero-page, unallocated address-space, rom, etc), if anything tries to write to (or in some cases read from) these areas only the app itself will be terminated, however if it writes anywhere else in the shared memory-space it can cause other apps or parts of the abox to crash, there is nothing you can do with that since this must be allowed in an aos environment for it to work.


    is there any dev still going to bring proper MM to MOS?? do you think we will see it fully in 1.5?? ;-)

    No, it's not possible to have full memory-protection in an aos environment due to design, anyone telling you otherwise is either ignorant or lying.


    I hope you ordered the MOS version of the ODW, so the mos team gets a donation.

    Whatever "someone" might have told you this is not the case, Genesi has ceased any and all funds to us a long time ago...

    - CISC

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