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    Welcome to the community! Congrats on your peg. You will love it like your amiga , maybe more. I used to be a die hard amiga fanatic and had a 4000T ppc tricked out. I got a peg1 and old MOS and it blew it away! You can basically use any system legal software from 68k that doesnt need the custom chips. Anything that runs on CGX on Amiga should run. And, like you said, it has MOS native MUI, AHI, CGFX, and more! Making it very stable.

    As far as MOS being dead, this was never the case, it is being devloped and has been being devloped. Ambient has been in heavy development as well. Things are as fast as they were since its all volunteer basis, but many work hard on the mos team. Also, there is a lot of externel developers porting and writing new apps for Morphos, so there is plenty of fun software available.

    Memory protetion is not possible on amiga like kernels afaik. Don't worry so much about it, your peg will be stable. I hope you ordered the MOS version of the ODW, so the mos team gets a donation. Also, you are probably going to get charged for 2 units, so clear that up right away, it wont be an issue, they are loyal to the customers.

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