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    thanks zylesea...thats very encouraging for me!! without MOS the Peg would just be another "grey box" for me! so i'm very happy dev is still strong :-D

    as i have said already i want the MOS-box to _totally_ replace my PC but for that one of the main things is that it will be ROCK SOLID stable (within reason). Krashan already said above that there is no Memory Management "yet" and like he says it will be the same thing as with my Amiga when *ONE* single bad app can takeout the whole MOS! I keep my Amiga pretty stable because I know what progs to avoid and what NOT to do to make it crash. but if the amiga had Memory Management it would crash a lot less still. human MM is a poor substitute for the real thing :-D

    is there any dev still going to bring proper MM to MOS?? do you think we will see it fully in 1.5?? ;-)
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