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    Hello guys!

    thanks to you both for some of the info you provided me with. Its helped to makeup my mind and I have now decided what to do!! I have read a little including the online "Intro to MorphOS" which for me made the system more attractive. To me the OS and its APIs is very important to bring the "spirit" to a computer and from what I have read there is a lot of crossover and compatibilty with my much loved Amiga!

    A very big bonus for me is that there is also inbuilt and direct support for most of the standard APIs used in classic PowerUP/rtg programs on PPC Amigas. Like there is AHI, and CyberGraphiX in MorphOS. So Iam hoping this means I can view many of the classic PowerUP Amiga demos and games I have wanted to try for a long time! Also the Jit 68k compiler will allow me to use most of my favourite (OSLegal) apps!! What more could I want to keep the Amiga Spirit?! :-) For hardware hitting games and demos I will keep onto my good old classic Amiga060, of course!

    but its not all good as i have heard lots of rumours about The End Of MorphOS (re: http://www.morphos.net/) and developers leving the project, etc, blah, etc. I have not all managed to clear that in my own mind so Iam not sure if it has all been settled and things are now picking up again! I dont know. Hopefully there are still rocks at the head of the project who will keep it going and advance MorphOS.

    Anyway i have decided to buy a ODW and I have just purchased one from Genesi online store. Iam hoping I get this in good time so I can begin my Peg/MOS adventures!! :-) Only one worrying thing is that I placed the order and I was sent TWO sales invoice with two seperate order numbers. Its like the ordering system has ordered TWO Pegs for me but I only want ONE!! So I have emailed the Genesi sales staff to explain it. So hopefully we will see how good the customer support is! (can be no worse than Elbox or Amiga Inc.)

    So no more broken promises from Amiga Inc / Hyperion for me. No more phantom hardware and no more trying to buy insane priced old BPPC cards from eBay!! I think I will be happy with my PegII and I plan to support in how I can MorphOS dev, with small donations whenever I can. Thats if MorphOS is not already dead already!!! :-( But I guess I can just install Linux on the Peg if that is the case.

    Thanks again for your help!

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