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    So am I right to move to Pegasos/MOS??

    As MorphZone is a site for MOS fans you may guess what answer you'll get. In my opinion MOS gives you the Amiga feeling, and much more, because MOS is much more than just AmigaOS clone. The best example is Ambient (MorphOS desktop), which is much more functional than Workbench. In general MorphOS may be considered as greatly extended and enchanced AmigaOS clone running on better and faster hardware like Pegasos is.

    Will I get that same Amiga feeling with Peg/MOS?

    Yes, but you should know that Amiga chipset is not emulated. So if you are oldschool game/scene demos fan, you may be a bit disappointed, as most old games and demos simply don't work because of AGA is not emulated. You have to use UAE in the case. System friendly applications however work like a dream, because MorphOS has very fast, transparent to user emulation of 680x0 processors (by "transparent to user" I mean you just doubleclick on icon and don't care if an application is PPC native or 68k). Most of Amiga applications work excellent, just a few (or teens) times faster...

    apps for surfing and communicating like IRC Clients/Webbrowser/Email

    Well, for web surfing you are sentenced to use IBrowse/AWeb/Voyager trio. There is KHTML port going, so we may expect the real browser in a half of year or so. Email - The old, good YAM still wipes out most of PC mail clients (well, Thunderbird is not that bad after all ;-)), there is also SimpleMail to try. For IRC you can use AmIRC (especially if you have registered it on Amiga), there is also WookieChat (68k version works on MOS).

    Is MOS a stable system, or is the system weak with lots of crashes every second and bugs?

    MOS itself is very stable. It is a system with no memory protection however (just like AmigaOS), so badly written application can hang the whole system. Said that, MorphOS stability depends heavily on applications you run on it. I've just deleted all unstable programs (not much, but a few) and can enjoy a stable system. You also may notice that many Amiga crashes are caused by old, dying hardware (+ lot of connections between expansion cards, expansions to expansions etc. ;-)) and power supply problems, which is not the case for Pegasos.

    Also can anyone say generally what the situation with MOS/Peg is.

    Currently MorphOS is a hobby system developed by a group of people known as MorphOS Team.

    Are Pegasos still being made and has anyone bought one recently???

    I know at least 4 persons in Poland, which bought a brand new Pegasos last month.
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