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    Hi guys,

    I'm now considering purchasing a Pegasos/MorphOS system and slowly trying to absorb all the information about the platform and what it is about, what main uses it has, what it can do, its future, etc, etc. At the end of my investigation into Peg/MOS I hope I find a system that is not commercial like PC/Win and Macs and not overhyped and full of "l33t" kiddies and hackers as on Linux community! And linux is also trying to emulate too much Windows today I think so it just _feels_ like a standard Windows setup.

    I want a system which I can have _fun_ on and really fall in love with in the same way I fell in love with my Amiga. There was a different spirit and feel with Amiga which I have not found on any PC setup since. (not even with Linux installed) I still own my Amiga1200/060 with AmigaOS3.9 and when I turn this on I get a smile on my face and just love to use it :-) But that system is very dated and limited. Of course it's a retro computer from over 15 years ago, so I do not expect much from it and I love it for what it is! But I'm tired of PCs, I work on one 8 hours a day as a "game artists" and when I return home I really do _not_ want to switch on another PC. It just feels like "work" to use PCs at home to me. I want a system that has spirit like my Amiga but also the power like a PC/mac.

    Of course the _perfect_ answer for me would be a new AmigaONE setup with the "soon to be release" AmigaOS4 operating system!! God, what a dream! But where is the hardware to use this OS, who is making it?! What good is a OS with no hardware?? It just seems like a stupid situation. So I thought to get an old BPPC (Blizzard PPC 240mhz) as it is supposed to run AOS4 when released. But then I see the CRAZY prices on eBay for these 15 year old hardwares that could break at any day because of pure age, just look: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=008&item=180016913370&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1 , so that is not an option for the sane. So I email Elbox who have announce _years_ ago that they will release a thing called SharkPPC which is compatible with AOS4. But I have not heard anything about this for a long time, so it is probably vapourware. I even emailed Elbox twice to say are there still plans to make this card. I got no reply! So vapour for sure! I would _love_ to use AOS4 if it ever comes. But how!? Only people who will be able to use it are those who bought AmigaONE's and BPPC cards when they were available. No new users will be using it BECAUSE THERE IS NO HARDWARE FOR IT!

    So am I right to move to Pegasos/MOS?? Will I get that same Amiga feeling with Peg/MOS? And are there good apps available like apps for surfing and communicating like IRC Clients/Webbrowser/Email, etc that can replace those on PC for "everyday" uses so that I NEVER have to turn my PC on again at home?? I hate my PC and I donot want to turn it on at home again, but I have to say XP at least is VERY stable, my Amiga is not!! Is MOS a stable system, or is the system weak with lots of crashes every second and bugs?

    Also can anyone say generally what the situation with MOS/Peg is. Is the platform attracting morepeople? are there more activity in development or are things slowly dying off with Peg/MOS??

    And last but most important to (at the moment). If I do decide to order a Pegasos from here: https://www.pegasosppc.com/special_odw.php?partner=morphos will I get it in good time? Or is there a shortage of hardware and a long wait like with the AmigaONE? It says something in small print about "first come first served", that does not sound very reassuring to me. Are Pegasos still being made and has anyone bought one recently???
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