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    A very quick and dirty skript (I am definietly not a DOS expert)

    wait 10 ; put in here the time interval the skript should check for usbscsi0:
    if exists ram:env/myvar
    delete ram:env/myvar
    if exists "usbscsi0:" noreq >nil:
    execute usbscsi0:myskript ; put here the name of the skript
    echo "1" >ram:env/myvar
    if not exists "ram:env/myvar"
    execute ram:bla

    Well, definitely not too elegant and a one minute type work, but at least works for usbscsi0:. This skript finishes itselfs once usbscsi0: is inserted and the skript off that flash drive is executed. I am sure you can edit the skript that it works with any usbscsi and doesn't quit once usbscsi0: is inserted, but just pauses as long as usbscsi0: is present.

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