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    > Andreas are you sure you are not useing the rtgmaster.library that is in
    > Napalm/Libs directory? If you delete it the game still works?

    I'm now back on my MorphOS machine and this is what I've found. There's a severe difference between the recent patch version from December 6th and the initial version that was released before:

    * old version: works on MorphOS; needs v1.4 executable as patch base, needs OS4Emu (if OS4 version of cdplayer.library is used), doesn't need rtgmaster.library
    * new version: doesn't work on MorphOS ("ERROR #0010: Unable to open library!"), needs original Napalm CD executable as patch base, OS4Emu on/off makes no difference, rtgmaster.library installed/removed makes no difference

    So I only tried the recent patch version just now and so far I've not managed to make it run on MorphOS. The previous version still runs fine of course with the parameters set as mentioned above. I apologize for the confusion I may have caused.
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