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    The Problem belongs to your rtgmaster.library and you really have to install OS4 emulation. On your system
    there should be !no! RTGmaster installed, because it will be generated every time you start the game and if it works
    there will be !no! screen requester the game just simply starts. And you have to update to napalm 1.4 before installing
    the OS4 Napalm patch. By the way the game crashes quiet often, its no fun to play it ~ at
    least on my machine (Powermac3,6 /1,5Gb/Radeon9250-128Mb) good luck and good night!
    PowerMac 3.6 - Radeon 9000_64Mb - 1,5Gb Ram - SB Live - MorphOS 3.9
    CD32 - PowerBook 1,67GHz 1GB/100GB - MorphOS 3 reg. 1455
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