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    Hey there, I have installed Napalm and direct after that I installed the 1.4 Patch from the AmigaFuture Page (just copy all files from the lha into the Napalm dirctory). On my Morphos 2.7 there is no RTG Master installed. After that I installed the Napalm OS4 Installer (delete the word "abort" command in row 16, and change the info to use the standart programm Morphos:c/installer). Well that's it. Ok for the sound you have to edit the NAPALM.PREFS file with ED so that row 29 (Audio_Driver) shows NAPALM_E:Audio.ahi. Additional you have to set Vertical sync inside the game (ESC while playing and then into the game_control menue). Until now I've played the first mission and that was quit impressive against
    my original A1200 with all its addons.

    greets defender
    PowerMac 3.6 - Radeon 9000_64Mb - 1,5Gb Ram - SB Live - MorphOS 3.9
    CD32 - PowerBook 1,67GHz 1GB/100GB - MorphOS 3 reg. 1455
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