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    As much as I LOVE MorphOS,, the fact that I can not get ImageFX to work right, and the fact that so many PPC RTG games do not work right, really irritates me to no end.

    I am the only guy who can not get sound to work in game when playing Shogo. The menus are fine, but once I start the game the sound vanishes. Likewise, I seem to be the only guy who can't get ImageFX to work either. Strange...

    On the other hand I did get WipeOut to work, and though it does have issues upon startup, it work, so I'm good, but it would be really nice if more than one RTG game worked on here. There are so many titles that I'd love to be enjoying but can not because I can't afford the hardware to run OS 4 on (assuming it does not have compatibility issues as well), or a PPC card at a good price for my classic Amiga(s).


    So yes, I for one agree, it would be grand to get this game running right under MorphOS. I wonder what's holding it back? If only the sources had been released....
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