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    Mmmm.. nice found. Maybe we should make a bounty to get Napalm pathced for MorphOS :)

    Edit: I also tried the demo and it works VERY quickly indeed. Too bad that there isn't audio device for AHI in Napalm... they seem to have promised it back then, but never released :( Someone up to reverse engineer the paula audio device and make AHI one? ;)

    Full game seems to stop in title screens. I also tried "denerved" version of Napalm, which is patch to skip the title screens to get immediately to main menu, but that patched version also checks the modules and it gives requester when Audio.directpaula is missing and quits :/ When having Audio.directpaula with denerved version it hangs on blank screen... but mouse pointer is there. Maybe that denerved version should be patched not to check modules :P

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