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    Great news. Going to try it today


    Stevo wrote:
    From the readme:

    "Presenting The Maestrix 2: Reloaded

    The Maestrix Reloaded on PowerPC! A PowerPC native version of The Maestrix.
    For both AmigaOS4 and MorphOS.

    Describing The Maestrix:

    A MaestroPro Maestix driver simulator that redirects audio to AHI to allow
    applications with MaestroPro support to work over AHI.

    New features in version 2 release of The Maestrix: Reloaded

    * Reloaded on PowerPC with PowerPC native versions for AmigaOS4 and MorphOS.
    * Includes OctaMEDIC. Coming to the rescue for MorphOS. It will heal OctaMED.
    * Support for extended data mono audio streams.
    * Fixed rare bug that left library in memory on fail.
    * New multi platform installer.
    * A new icon!"

    Get it here
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