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    ok, it is a pity that we cannot hear the audio in MorphOS 3.x, also because the game and the animations work very well and the game is very nice

    I see three possibilities:

    .1 someone who develops AHI in MoprhOS finds a way to make it compatible, so that we can use the game in MorphOS 3.x (this is the best solution), possibile guys of the MorphOS team ?

    .2 purchase the new 1.9 version of Shogo from Hyperion and use it in AOS41fe (it does not cost much money, € 15.00)

    .3 installing MorphOS 1.4.5 (but in doing so we will not have the sound in the movies). Are there any other old 3d amiga games that work better in MorphOS 1.4.5 than in MorphOS 3.x ?
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