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    Cego wrote:
    No I haven’t tried any hacks on 3.x
    You can watch movies but you‘ll have no sound
    Ingame then.

    thanks Cego
    I have seen there a new Shogo version 1.9 in July 2019 of Hyperion https://www.hyperion-entertainment.com (native port SW+MiniGL)
    that works correctly with OS4.1fe in AOne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taU-cUkPw4w&feature=emb_logo

    reqs are:
    Amiga with 500MHz PowerPC CPU
    A Picasso96-Compatible Graphics card (For Warp3D version: A Warp3D supported graphics card)
    256 MB of memory
    AHI-Compatible sound card
    Approximately 500 MB of free hard disk space
    AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition

    does anyone know if this new version works correctly in MorphOS 3.x ?

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