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    I'm quite certain a recent MorphOS can be made equally lightweight, if not more than an 1.4.5 installation. In some things, the current version will actually outperform the 1.4.5 by a quite decent margin (say, current version has an O(1) memory allocator instead of a simple linked list, which caused real performance hits with longer uptime, the new ones are also quite a bit faster in context switches and other areas, and better at utilizing some hardware features - AltiVec, anyone? Ok that doesn't count on a Peg1, sure).

    Given the fact that for example many Trance and 68k emulation issues have been also fixed in the past few years, I kinda also question that "more compatible with legacy apps" statement. Same about Warp3D compatibility, where the library is largely identical to the old version anyway (minus the usual set of bugfixes, also incl. WarpOS emulation fixes).

    But about compatibility, care to report issues maybe? What used to work, and which doesn't any more? I'm especially curious about the W3D part of the statement, as I'm looking into that area a bit recently.
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