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    @ jPV - You're right, as usual.

    I had just used a screenmode higher than 8-bit and the program cannot handle that, it will work OK on 8-bit screens, up to 256 colours, but higher than that it seems, and it's almost unuseable - as I set it up when I first used MorphOS to use a 24 bit screen, and the background was so dark I could barely even make out the mouse cursor on the screen/GUI.

    So I'd never bothered trying to get it to work on a lower resolution, until now, but it's OK, so far on 8-bit screens, and from what you have all said it works reliably for you with MorphOS, so I'll give it a try as it has a nice few features and the FinalWrapper ARexx add-on is quite a good feature which I did use a few times when I used Final Writer on my Classic Amiga hardware. 8-)
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