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    jPV wrote:
    I remember that you get wrong colors easily (black or grey bg color), but the program has still worked nevertheless. I've had my config with correct colors (white paper) for years and haven't had need to touch it because it works :) Now that I check it, it's a bit weird.. Preferences -> Startup shows "Open new screen", "8bit 1280x1024", "256 colors", but it still opens to my monitor's native resolution (1920x1080) for some reason... well.. can't complain because it's good for me :)

    Had the same issue - but eventually after experimenting with various screenmodes, got the magic white paper. I was really impressed with how responsiveness and usable it was as a word processor. Coupled with an ability to create high quality PDFs and print outs of its output, it would be truly excellent.
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