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    Regarding PageStream v5 - forget it - it's basically useless. Buy PageStream v4.1.5.6 Pro - that works OK on MorphOS, it does crash/freeze on the odd occasion, but save regularly and you should be OK. It's generally OK, but when you put your trust that it's OK, and haven't saved frequently - then 'sod's law' takes over and lets you down. :-(

    I use PgS Pro regularly and that's why I can say it's OK. 8-)

    I wish Deron Kazmaier would fix the v5 Amiga based releases as they are what I paid for, and even now - 14 years after they were 'released' as a bad joke, they are still a 'bad joke'. I have said this to him, but I've not heard back from him over the last week.

    He's recently, within the last year I believe, moved from South Dakota to Boonville, MO, which is where he grew up, so maybe he's settling back into programming again, as he has talked that he might be working on the Linux release again, and he has just made available a later release for Mac OSX (Intel ONLY) which isn't on the website or otherwise mentioned, which I now have, that I will be testing over the next week, hopefully - in 'demo mode' to see if it's worth making a side-ways switch. Though my main preference is that he should fix what he started for the platform that made him the most reknown.
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