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    Personally I have not been able to use Final Writer 5 or 97 on MorphOS. I get a virtually black window/GUI, and none of the colours for setting the background, etc. don't render on the screen with the colours I choose. I can see/make out the GUI and the menus, but things don't seem to respond as they should. I have never managed, or bothered to pursue fathoming out its difficulties on MorphOS, as I was hoping that the NG version of Final Writer would get finished, but I'm not holding my breath on that front either.

    I generally use PageStream Pro as that works quite stably, and it offers features that Final Writer just doesn't. You can also print out PostScript - via MorphOS "Printers" Prefs (USBPAR: in v3.11), for which you'll need a PPD file for your printer - not the standard "Printer in Prefs option, or save as a PDF with PageStream Pro, and even print that with any system that can handle a PDF. Some features don't print out when you choose PDF as arrow head objects on straight/curved lines aren't interpreted correctly, but text colour, style, etc., is saved OK.
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