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    I've been enjoying getting to know Final Writer 97 over the past few months, and have found it an impressively capable word processor. Today though it has suddenly decided it no longer wants to work (on MOS 3.10, PowerBook g4 5,7). It attempts to launch and opens a new screen with the Final Writer title bar, but the button bars and typing area are entirely absent. I can open the pull down menus with a right click, but none of them are operational. What's worse, no other applications can be launched after that. I have to reset to get things back.

    Looking at Snoopium's logs, it's complaining that it can't load qfont.library, but I can see the library there in FWLibs (where Snoopium says it's looking).

    I deleted the old install and reinstalled from scratch, but have exactly the same behaviour.

    This bizarre behaviour came at some point after I installed (1) Ghostscript 8.70, (2) Folio (latest version), (3) Iris (latest version). I have since deleted ghostscript, wondering if it has knocked out something important in user-startup. It hasn't helped.

    Very strange. Any ideas what could be going on? Really need to get Final Writer up and running again! I've been busy creating numerous reasonably important documents with it.

    Many thanks in advance.
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