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    Acill wrote:
    I have a strange issue I cant seem to figure out. I have moved over the files from the bonus drawer in fabs e-uae and get the new context menu items to run in A500 and run in A1200 with E-uae but when I select one the system does nothing at all. I have the rexx libs in sys:libs like I should as well. This works fine on my powerbook, but not on my G5?? Am I missing something that needs to be done?

    All the roms and worbench files are also in the correct places.

    Probably a dumb response, but did you copy the proper Arexx library to the G5 (or is that no longer necessary? It has been so long since I set up a new MorphOS system, I can't remember if this step is still required, and seem to remember some discussion that a solution which would eliminate the need to copy the Arexx library from any AmigaOS3.1 to 3.9 installation media to a new MorphOS system).

    I think I am loosing touch with the latest developments within MorphOS, as I only skim through these forums for info and don't spend much time putting any of it into practice, unless I run into a problem that requires more effort to resolve.

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