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    amiga4001 wrote:
    I wanted to run donalds playground with Vice to let my daughter play with it(4 years old).
    I can't get it to go it freezes on me after a rightmouseclick.
    The program starts up ok and the cursor is blinking.
    just as soon as I use the double tapping it freezes..cursor stops blinking and proram can't be stopped.
    I downloaded latest vice (2.4) but problem is still there.
    Snoopium shows on startup a missing cfgvideo.lib and a missing font.
    Any tips

    I darkly remember having the same issue in the past and I got it fixed somehow. AFAIR it was a system setting related to the mouse button, but I am not sure.

    Just installed 2.4 using Grunch on my PowerMac and it worked fine, but I have the original c64 roms (kernal,basic) installed.


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