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    Thanks for tests.. In general it mean that we need to rever back Itix's changes about png icons support for morphos, as it seems broken more than fixing.

    Then what only will be left its ftp.module which still crashing :(

    As for


    And one other thing, which is also issue on the original DOpus, but which would be nice to get fixed. If you don't have backdropped main window, it doesn't refresh it properly"

    Can you explain a bit more how to reproduce it ? Did you run it on clone workbench mode, or in wbreplacement mode ? And some general step-by-step will help for sure, like "1) run dopus 2) press there 3) press that 4) there bug". Then i can check how it reacts on os3/os4 , and if it the same, then its some general bug, if only morphos, then some morphos only workaround need it.

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