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    FTP module still crashes... I tried to replace it with the original 68k one, but didn't help. Here's a log anyway: ftp.txt

    With a quick test there seems to be a bunch of problems with icons at least.

    - Only PNG icons seem to work, but even original Amiga icons fail now (original icon format, newicons, and glowicons all fail to show up), not to talk about newer icons MorphOS has... new iconless default icons and SVG icons fail too.
    - There is no placeholder icon for the icons that fail, you don't get anything but emptiness where the icons should be.
    - Selected icons get an ugly blue rectangle over them.
    - Icons seem to overlap each other even though they're not snapshotted.
    - The last but not the least... if you try to save icon information for these non working icons (if you have edited tooltypes, or just try to resave), icons get broken! They get noticeably smaller by filesize and don't work anymore in Ambient or in the old DOpus either.

    Here's a screenshot showing the situation: Screen01.png

    For comparison, here's a snapshot from the original DOpus 5.82: Screen03.png
    There the non supported icons get the placeholder icon, icons don't overlap each other, and original Amiga icons do work.

    And one other thing, which is also issue on the original DOpus, but which would be nice to get fixed. If you don't have backdropped main window, it doesn't refresh it properly. It mostly disappears if you try to resize it, or if you move a window over it, it erases the window borders. Here's a screenshot: Screen02.png
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