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    Found another bug in Dopus5_92_dev_mos_debug.lha (Build date: 28.09.2015).

    Button Bank Editor
    When this option is selected (right clicking on the border of any button bank, then choosing "Edit"), the main window of the "Button Bank Editor" shows up regularly, then when I click on a button of the button bank to edit its functions, the "Button Editor" window opens but is locked.

    At the same time the "Log Server" of MorphOS opens its window and the usual line appears:
       Type   !
       Name   dopus_button_editor
       Category   LineF

    After closing the "Log Server" window I see that [1] DOpus listers and menus are still
    working; [2] the gadgets in the "Button Bank Editor" window seem to work (but
    the window does not close by clicking on "Save" or "Use" or "Cancel"); [3] the
    "Button Editor" window is still locked and can't be closed.

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