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    kas1e wrote:
    Is there any other problems arise except of ftp.module ? I mean, all other parts works as expected now ? (i can't test myself mos version at moment).

    Unfortunately now I have not enough free time for a deep check. Anyway DOpus 5.92 [MorphOS version] worked fine in my initial tests (except the FTP module), so I was encouraged and adopted it for everyday use: I will report bugs as soon as I encounter them.


    kas1e wrote:
    As for copy bug, if you can and have time for , plz, signup on SF, and report all bugs and feature requests here:

    bugs: https://sourceforge.net/p/dopus5allamigas/bugs/?source=navbar
    feature requests: https://sourceforge.net/p/dopus5allamigas/featurerequests/?source=navbar

    Of course i can (and will) report it mysel there, but will be better if you can do that directly.

    As I said above I have few time now, but next week I will try to do such a report.


    itix wrote:
    It only supports PNG icons. I am using some undocumented parts of Ambient to get PNG bitmap from icons and it is no way clean method. I should write custom icon loader... maybe I do that, maybe I dont :)

    I found a bug from ftp.module. There was a bug in ARexx handling what fixed crash in MorphOS but I still could not get that thing to connect. It doesnt crash here anymore, though.

    Wow! MorphOS PNG icons can be seen in Dopus5_92_dev_mos_debug.lha (Build date: 22.09.2015). However this is true only for disk icons, other icons are still displayed as 4-color icons (iconified DOpus listers, YAM icon, and others) or as the usual standard "PNG" images (OWB, ImageFX loader, and others) just like they were displayed by the original DOpus 5.82.

    Yes, it does not crashes and partially operates now. I can open the Address Book, by I'm still unable to connect: pressing the "Connect" button has no effect either in the "FTP Buttons" bank or in the "Address Book" window.

    I imported my entire filetype collection from DOpus 5.82 and all those custom filetypes work fine without changes. I have not tested yet the filetype editor.


    You are doing a great job! Thank you very much.

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