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    Is there any other problems arise except of ftp.module ? I mean, all other parts works as expected now ? (i can't test myself mos version at moment).

    As for copy bug, if you can and have time for , plz, signup on SF, and report all bugs and feature requests here:

    bugs: https://sourceforge.net/p/dopus5allamigas/bugs/?source=navbar
    feature requests: https://sourceforge.net/p/dopus5allamigas/featurerequests/?source=navbar

    Of course i can (and will) report it mysel there, but will be better if you can do that directly.

    Btw, there is also another necessary moment with morphos version : ambient's icons looks as "PNG" images, and not like real icons. As well as os4 icons didn't shows correctly too. I made a feature request about it there year ago: https://sourceforge.net/p/dopus5allamigas/featurerequests/19/

    On os4 and aros BSZili add USE_DRAWICONSTATE flag to the makefiles, which enable necessary additional code to make new icons works, but when i do the same for morphos, i have no luck: os4 icons still looks wrong (while on os4/aros same icons with USE_DRAWICONTATE looks ok), and png ones still shows as png. Probably, can be also fixed more or less easy to make USE_DRAWICONSTATE code work. Or maybe need add some png-related code in, or maybe morphos version should be suppled with some png plugin or something.. Check plz https://sourceforge.net/p/dopus5allamigas/featurerequests/19/ for more details and screenshots.

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